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Leading Event Management Companies in Bangalore

As one of the leading event management companies in Bangalore we provide professional and engaging event production services provided by experts that you can trust. Eventra Media is an agency that sets about ensuring event success is no longer just a hope. As a corporate event management company we work with various parameters and particulars set for what you want, and what the objectives and expectations of the event will be.

With our team on hand, we can ascertain all the needed details that can be used to help provide the best possible form of event production. From travel event management to conference event management, we are one of the premium event management agencies in Bangalore.

So, how can we help you?

Event Management

One of the primary factors in event management programs being a success comes from co-ordination. As creative experts throughout India, we deliver a solution that offers a direct option to help clean up and correct any issues that you may be having at this moment in time. With a hand-picked team of management professionals, we ensure that there is a clear strategy in mind alongside an obvious motivation to succeed, to innovate and to create.

Everything that we put together as part of your event management program, corporate or otherwise, is discussed beforehand. While innovative and using our initiative, we always make sure to stick to the agreed theme, plan and outcome.

Our Clients

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Events Travel.

Event travel is a memorable and exciting experience that needs to be delivered with the right kind of knowledge. Sustainability is vital in any event that we manage, and this means making sure it can be delivered in an attractive, engaging and sophisticated manner. To deliver that, Eventra Media will use what we know as our Connected Experiences team to liaise with you and deliver the best possible results.

By working with a full-time service team that understands the importance of management, we ensure that branding and business can become so much easier to manage. Whatever your needs are, we’ll find a solution that benefits everyone.

Events Technology

Technology can play a vital role in turning a good event into a great one. By using the likes of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, RFID and mobile apps, we make sure that success can be felt and enjoyed in as many locations as possible. if you are looking for a means of making your event as enjoyable and as authentic as it can be, then we can offer the help you need via smart technology that promises to get the job done.

With all of our creative content put together using smart technology managed by experts, perfection is instantly possible when working with us. We know the importance of offering a bespoke event management project, so we utilize the variable power and effectiveness of technology to make that instantly possible, starting today.

What our clients say?

Would like to thank you for all the support extended for making Estrella’s a grand success once again. You have truly partnered with us & this has been very effective as a team .We have been working for 3 years now & it has always been fantastic experience for us & for L&T as well. All the best for all your future endeavors !!

K. Tehzeeb, L&T Technologies Services

You guys were very good and thanks for the excellent support rendered.We look forward to working with Eventra once again in the future.

T. S Selvaraj, Alcon

Thanks for the wonderful effort your team made to make our event a success!

M Gopal, Indian Express

Thank you very much for the support extended in making our Event a success.Thank you for executing a Rocking event . Keep up the good work.

Jose James, L&T Infotech Ltd.

Wholesome Planning & Execution.

Sathish, Manhattan Associates

Thank you very much indeed for your support. I highly appreciate your meticulous planning in the execution of setting up the stage, lighting, props, and everything you did. Your tireless efforts were seen in the final product. You guys have truly kept your words. I would also like to mention that your contribution has certainly raised the level.

Aqique Ahmed, GlobalLogic India Limited

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