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Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented & Virtual reality provides rich diverse content which is immersive and blends digital world with real world, creating a wow factor and never seen before interactivity, this enhances depth of understanding a subject and recall. Eventra Media Pvt. Ltd is one of the 1st event management company in India with an internal team for AR & VR experience for events, we conceptualize, develop and execute cutting edge experiences.

Key Benefits

Content Creation

Events are treasure troves of priceless content creation opportunities. The content generated at a single event can nourish your social media and blog for weeks if not months to come. By sharing valuable content pieces, you’re able to engage your online event community and significantly extend the life cycle of your conference.

Key Benefits

Mobile apps & Microsites

Small multi-page website (or sitelet)usually created as a supplement to your organization’s main website. It lives outside of your company’s main page with its own unique URL. Microsites offer focus and flexibility, as well as a great space to showcase your event and garner attention.

Unlock the power of mobile event apps and engage with your attendees even more at your next conference, tradeshow or event. Our mobile event apps are perfect for providing real time event information, engaging delegates with networking features, sharing content, interacting during sessions and sharing feedback.

RFID Marketing & Event Solutions

We Specialize in RFID smartbadges at conferences, exhibitions & live events. Providing you the best solution for your event, using some or all of our tech.

Key Benefits

Projection Mapping & Laser Shows

Imagine trudging into a convention center with expectations full of white fluorescent light and long, drawn out presentations. As you walk through the doors, you are immediately surprised to hear sweet sounds of crickets and frogs. You feel a slight breeze and the warmth of the sunshine on your skin. As you look around, you are surprised to be surrounded by the invigorating feel of life-like flowers, shrubs and a colorful forest. This “convention” turns out to be nothing more than a serene escape in the wilderness.

Looking for pixel perfect control on a seamless video wall? It’s what we do. Our expert team of dedicated technicians have years of experience in balancing seamless walls across events, exhibitions and conferences to create the perfect canvas on which to showcase content. We also understand that the demand to produce something new each year is high and this is why we have expanded our range of video wall solutions to include screens that can be floor or wall mounted, custom-built or stand alone, with no fixing required, so that there are endless possibilities for how the technology can be used, even within a confined space.